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Empa toxicologist Harald Krug has lambasted his colleagues in the journal Angewandte Chemie. He evaluated several thousand studies on the risks associated with nanoparticles and discovered no end of shortcomings: poorly prepared experiments and results that don’t carry any clout. Instead of merely leveling criticism, however, Empa is also developing new standards for such experiments within an international network.

Accessing maps in areas without network coverage is now possible with the map viewer of the federal geoportal, map.geo.admin.ch. A new function allows the download and local storage of a predefined map extent for offline usage. This new feature will meet the needs of individual users and provide opportunities to extend application possibilities.

Soil organisms play an important role in arable farming: A functioning underground food web composed of bacteria, fungi and soil fauna can improve plant nutrition, increase agricultural yields and reduce nutrient leaching. An Agroscope study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology shows that soil conservation has numerous benefits. Taking better care of soil organisms allows us to use less fertiliser and enhance water quality.

Out of 23 applicants the Federal geoportal received the Open Source Software Award 2014. The prize was awarded by the Swiss Open Systems User Group / ch / open on October 8, 2014.

How great an impact does a product have on the environment? As well as helping consumers with their purchasing decisions, product environmental information is meant to encourage a more environmentally friendly production process. Agroscope investigated two of the most important assessment methods currently in use. The bottom line: these are valuable tools, but in need of adaptation and supplementation.

Specialist staff: info@blw.admin.ch
Last updated on: 26.11.2009
Author: Magdalena Zajac

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