Research promotion and international networks

The Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) plays an active role in European agricultural research. Its participation in various networks and committees enables it to stay up to date with global agricultural research developments, and so exploit synergies and avoid duplication. It actively advocates for Swiss priorities in the European Research Framework Programmes (RFPs) and facilitates participation by Swiss research groups and SMEs in European projects.

Networks and committees

Switzerland's systems and challenges are similar to those of its geographical neighbours. Awareness of the latest scientific and technological advances beyond our borders allows us to combine our strengths, avoid duplication in research funding and innovate.

European research

World-class research relies on international collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, equipment, experience and data. Participation in the European Research Framework Programmes enables Switzerland to join forces with the best institutes and SMEs in Europe to exploit synergies and create added value.

FOAG ‒ European projects

ERA-NET (European Research Area NETwork)

ERA-NETs are European Commission instruments designed to encourage and strengthen coordination between national and regional research programmes. These instruments help to structure the European Research Area to meet the objectives of the European research programmes. The FOAG has been a public sector participant in several ERA-NET partnerships to promote research in the public interest (federal government research).

Co-funded partnerships

Infrastructure networks

EMPHASIS-IMP (implementation phase) is currently working through its IGA (Interim General Assembly) to create a stable network of European infrastructures for plant phenotyping. EMPHASIS will enable researchers to access facilities, resources and services for plant phenotyping throughout Europe. Its vision is to help scientists better understand plant performance and link this knowledge with practical applications. The FOAG is chairing the IGA.


The FOAG contributes to the promotion of research through its participation in European instruments, support for Swiss scientists in co-financed projects and membership of the OECD CRP

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