Development of Agricultural Markets


The FOAG pursues the development of national and international agricultural markets, provides data and exchanges information with other experts.

The OECD and the FAO use the Aglink–Cosimo model for their Agricultural Outlook report. The FOAG has been providing the OECD with basic data since 2020 in order for Switzerland to be included in the model as an endogenous module. This provides the FOAG with systematic, annually updated projections for Switzerland’s largest agricultural markets, which it uses to generate a reference scenario for its quantitative analyses.

Agricultural Outlook is a collaborative effort by the OECD and the FAO. It draws on information from the Aglink–Cosimo model, market experts and several international commodity organisations. Agricultural Outlook provides an assessment of market prospects for the agricultural, fishery and aquaculture products at national, regional and global levels over the mid-term. This assessment uses existing agricultural policies and ratified free trade agreements as a baseline.

Last modification 11.08.2023

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