OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook

Every year the OECD and FAO jointly publish the 10-year Outlook for the most important regional, national and international agricultural markets.

The report contains comprehensive analysis of market trends and medium-term market projections for important agricultural raw materials (cereals, maize, oilseeds, soybean, sugar, meat, milk), as well as fish, cotton and biofuels. In this way, interested actors along the value chain obtain an internationally broad-based overview and outlook of developments in different agricultural markets.

The most important tool for drawing up the annual report is the Aglink-Cosimo model. The OECD-FAO consortium also works together with the EU Commission on a stochastic analysis, so that it can better estimate uncertainties in the projections.

The most important results and statements of the Outlook Report are widely publicised by various media (Reuters, AFP, Financial Times, etc.) every year. Access to the full report (English, French, Spanish and Chinese), to the summary (various languages), to the extensive raw materials databank and raw materials analysis, and to the model used is provided via the Link below.

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