Overview of Switzerland’s free trade agreements

Tabelle mit den Freihandelsabkommen
Free Trade Agreement Status Specific concessions by Switzerland Specific concessions by free trade partners
EFTA-Egypt in force since 2008 Various vegetables, particularly potatoes Cheese, powdered milk, baby food, pectin, sunflower oil, processed tomatoes
EFTA-Albania in force since 2010 500t quota for olive oil, reduction for dry sausages Duty-free: cheese, dried meat, breeding animals, almost all processed agricultural products and cigarettes
EFTA-Bosnia-Herzegovina in force since 2015 Cheese, raspberries, strawberries, mushrooms, olives, 200t quota for peaches and nectarines Cheese, meat incl. dried meat, powdered milk, certain fruit and vegetable preparations, spirits, processed agricultural products (yoghurt, coffee, sugar confections, chocolate, food preparations, muesli, bakery products, jams) if export contributions are not imposed
EFTA-Chile in force since 2004 Certain fruit juices, different fruits and vegetables, seasonal tariff-free quotas for table grapes Dried meat, breeding animals, bovine semen, pectin, animal feed supplements
Switzerland-China in force since 2014

Comprehensive concessions for basic non-sensitive agricultural products, within quotas and outside of season. No   concessions outside of quotas and for animal feed.  

Processed agricultural products: reduction in the amount of industrial protection element; additional reduction for around 20 tariff lines.

most products with export potential are duty-free (dairy products, baby food, wine, dried meat, etc.) with transitional periods of up to 12 years. A 60% reduction after 10 years for cheese and coffee (containing caffeine).

No concessions for ham, whole milk powder, beverage concentrates

Switzerland-Faroe Islands in force since 1995 Fish and fish products, water, beer all agricultural products are duty-free except goat and sheep meat incl. products, milk and powdered milk.
EFTA-GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) in force since July 2014 Various non-sensitive concessions, particularly fruit and vegetables meat incl. dried meat, cheese, yoghurt, coffee, soups and sauces, beverages, cocoa powder
EFTA-Hong Kong in force since 2012 various non-sensitive concessions, especially fruit and vegetables duty-free for practically all consolidated agricultural products 
EFTA-Israel in force since 1993 Plums, strawberries, olives and various other fruits and vegetables, grape juice, sweet wine coffee, chocolate, baby food, biscuits, ice cream.
Switzerland-Japan in force since 2009 Decorative plants (bonsai), high-quality fruit, sake (rice wine), cigarettes cheese specialties, Swiss dried meat, chocolate, wine, cigarettes
EFTA-Jordan in force since 2002 Various vegetables

breeding animals, powdered milk for end consumers, cheese for industry, coffee, sugar confections, chocolate, biscuits

breeding animals, powdered milk for end consumers, cheese for industry, coffee, sugar confections, chocolate, biscuits

EFTA-Canada in force since 2009 Maple syrup, frozen blueberries, durum wheat, horsemeat, dog and cat food cheese (within WTO quota), fondue, fruit juices, sugar confections, chocolate, jam, milk drinks, soups and sauces
EFTA-Columbia in force since 2011 tropical fruit (bananas, tangerines, oranges), honey, cut flowers, various seeds, fruit juices, spirits, cigarettes duty-free quota for cheese, concessions for coffee and coffee preparations, chocolate, sugar confections, food preparations (e.g. soups, sauces, ready-made fondue), dried meat, apple juice, grape must, wine, cigarettes and other tobacco products
EFTA-Lebanon in force since 2007 Various non-sensitive concessions, particularly fruit and vegetables breeding animals, dairy products incl. yoghurt and cheese, coffee, sugar confections, chocolate, baby food, biscuits
EFTA-Morocco in force since 1999 various non-sensitive concessions, particularly fruit and vegetables cheese quotas, yoghurt, margarine, plant extracts, sugar confections, chocolate, biscuits, beverage fruit powder, coffee extracts
EFTA-Macedonia in force since 2002 various non-sensitive concessions, particularly fruit and vegetables breeding animals, quotas for powdered milk and cheese, pectin, sugar confections, chocolate, baby food, biscuits, coffee extracts
EFTA-Mexico in force since 2001 raw coffee, industrial honey, citrus fruits, bananas, tropical fruit juices, cut flowers and certain vegetables certain vegetable and fruit varieties duty-free (e.g. apricots), soups, sauces, sugar-free candies, chewing gum, sweet beverages, beer, certain spirits
EFTA-Montenegro in force since 2012 various tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, 200t table grapes, sweet wine, sausages. meat incl. dried meat, cream, powdered milk, yoghurt, various fruits and vegetables, fruit juice, apple wine, brandies, sausages, water, processed  agricultural products duty-free (as from 1 January 2015)
EFTA-Palestinian Authority in force since 1999 various fruits and vegetables, primarily within WTO quotas milk and cream, cheese, coffee, plant extracts, marmalade, preserved fruits.
EFTA-Panama and Costa Rica in force since August 2014 reduction for meat within WTO quota, honey, cut flowers, various tropical vegetables and fruits, spirits and cigarettes dried meat, fruit preparations, juices, wine, animal feed, cigarettes, beverages (except coffee), chocolate, sugar confections, muesli (no export contributions for tariff lines with customs preference), cheese quota for Panama
EFTA-Peru in force since 2011 cut flowers, plants, asparagus, chilies, artichokes, bananas, cigars, cigarettes, cheese, grapes, vegetable preparations dried meat, cheese, processed agricultural products, coffee, wine, mineral water,  cigars, cigarettes
EFTA-SACU in force since 2008 dried meat from springbuck and other wild animals, high-quality beef, certain vegetables and fruits as well as certain vegetable and fruit preparations duty-free quotas for 20t dried meat and 200t hard cheese, breeding animals, coffee
EFTA-Serbia in force since 2010 strawberries and raspberries for industrial processing, strawberry juice, frozen orange juice concentrate,  pickled paprika meat products (e.g. dried meat, sausage products), milk, dairy products (some cheese specialties duty-free), honey, processed fruit and vegetables, fruit juice, wine, processed agricultural products such as chocolate, coffee products, muesli, sauces
EFTA-Singapore in force since 2003 coconut flour, orchids practically all consolidated agricultural products duty-free
EFTA-South Korea in force since 2006 rice wine, fermented cabbage and root vegetable preparations (Kim-chi), spices 60t tariff quota for hard cheese, red and white wine, apple cider, plant extracts, certain fruit juices, animal feed supplements, breeding stock and bovine semen,  processed agricultural products
EFTA-Tunisia in force since 2006 camel meat, flowers, various fruits and vegetables, olive oil, sweet wine tariff-free quotas for powdered milk (300t), cheese (50t), coffee, chocolate, baby food, baked goods, jams, fruit juice, cigarettes
EFTA-Turkey in force since 1992 various non-sensitive concessions, particularly fruit and vegetables no concessions
EFTA-Ukraine in force since 2012 specific meat and meat products, honey, sunflower oil for the production of certain processed agricultural products dried meat, cheese, wine, animal feed, processed agricultural products

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