FAO Conference and Council

The Governing Bodies of the FAO (Conference, Council, Regional Conferences, Committee on World Food Security etc.) are built on the following structure:

Structure of the Governing Bodies

Conference: the Conference is the sovereign Governing Body of the Organization. It comprises representatives of all Member Nations and Associate Members. The Conference determines the overall policy and budget of the Organization.

The Conference can make recommendations to Member Nations and Associate Members concerning matters relating to food and agriculture.

Council: within the limits of the powers delegated to it by the Conference, the Council acts as the latter’s executive organ between sessions. In particular, it deals with the world food and agriculture situation and related matters, current and prospective activities of the Organization, including its Programme of Work and Budget, administration and financial management of the Organization and constitutional matters. The Council may establish Commissions, Committees and Working Parties.

Regional Conferences: there are Regional Conferences for Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and the Near East. They will normally meet once every biennium in non-Conference years.

The Committee on World Food Security, CFS, is the most important international and intergovernmental platform. It is open to all and enables co-operation between all stakeholders to ensure the food security of all people. The CFS gives an account of its activities to the UN General Assembly – via the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) – and to the FAO Conference.

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