Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock

The objective of this multi-stakeholder partnership (Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock) is sustainable development of the livestock sector through efficient use of natural resources.

Livestock farming is of great importance for food security. Considerable global efforts are required in agricultural research and investment, together with firm governance, if the livestock sector worldwide is to keep up with the increased demand for food from livestock and the changing consumption needs of the population. At the same time, there is pressure on the sector to help combat poverty, to improve food security and to protect the environment and human health.

The Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL) is an initiative which aims to achieve sustainable development of the livestock sector through efficient use of natural resources. The Global Agenda has 56 Members and comprises representatives from government, the private sector, science, non-governmental organisations, social movements and community organisations as well as international organisations. The Global Agenda provides a platform for bringing together different stakeholders from the livestock sector and for promoting political dialogue, exchange of knowledge and experience and joint action to achieve a sustainable livestock sector. The diversity of the membership, which is rooted regionally and locally, allows the Global Agenda to deal comprehensively with the multiple challenges facing sustainable development of the livestock sector.

The Global Agenda’s Programme of Work for 2016-2018 is based primarily on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant for the livestock sector and strives to make a contribution to achieving these goals. The Programme of Work consists of three main focuses:

  • Closing gaps in efficiency
  • Exploiting meadows and pasture land, and
  • Fully exploiting animal waste.  

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