Global Alliance for Climate-smart Agriculture

The Alliance concerns itself with avoidance and adaptation measures with regard to climate change in agriculture.

The «Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture» was officially launched by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the climate summit in September 2014. Its aim is to increase agricultural productivity and resilience to climate change and at the same time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The GACSA is a platform which strives to co-ordinate the knowledge and experience of the partners, bring together organisations and promote exchange and co-operation. The activities of the Alliance are focused on three areas:

  • Fostering knowledge, research and development for climate smart agriculture,
  • Increasing efficiency of public and private investments, and
  • Creating favourable conditions through integration of climate smart agriculture into policies, strategies and planning at local, regional and national level.

The Alliance currently has 117 Members and covers a broad spectrum of representatives from government, the private sector, farmers’ organisations , civil society, research institutions and international organisations.  

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