Implementation of the SDGs at international level

The FOAG is counting on the support of global multi-stakeholder partnerships to implement SDGs related to agriculture and the food sector.

Helping to implement the SDGs is one of the FOAG’s main criteria for international involvement. Emphasis is placed especially on support of global multi-stakeholder partnerships. Strengthening such partnerships is also an important part of SDG17 of the 2030 Agenda.

The advantage of multi-stakeholder partnerships is that they bring together different actors from a variety of stakeholder groups – e.g. multinational private companies and environment NGOs, etc. – to work together to find achievable solutions to global challenges.

For example, the FOAG together with South Africa, WWF and the Netherlands Development NGO Hivos is co-leader of the 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme [MPA1]. The aim of the Programme is to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns in the agri-food sector. The FOAG sees this multi-stakeholder initiative as an important implementation mechanism of SDG2 (end hunger and promote sustainable agriculture) and SDG12 (ensure sustainable consumption and production), as well as a number of subsidiary goals of other SDGs directly connected to the area of sustainable agriculture, food security and improved nutrition.

Other multi-stakeholder partnerships supported by the FOAG which contribute to implementation of the SDGs are given in "Further Information" under the heading "Links". 

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