To protect certain designations from misuse and imitation, thereby promoting quality and sales, the Federal Council has issued the following regulations concerning voluntary labelling of agricultural products and processed products:

  • The Organic Farming Ordinance (SR 910.18), which specifies requirements for the production, processing, packaging, import, labelling and inspection of organic products;
  • The Mountain and Alpine Pasture Ordinance (SR 910.19), which protects the terms “Berg” and “Alp” from misuse by specifying minimum requirements concerning origin and production;
  • The Poultry Labelling Ordinance (SR 916.342), which pursues the same aims in relation to the use of certain poultry farming designations, such as “access to outdoor areas” or “outdoor system”.
  • The Register of Swiss designations of origin (PDO) and geographical indications (PGI) also makes it possible to protect region names and traditional designations of agricultural products (excluding wine), where the quality and the main characteristics of the products are determined by their geographical origin.

In addition, for certain animal products produced by methods prohibited in Switzerland, labelling requirements for sales to consumers are specified in the Agricultural Labelling Ordinance (SR 916.51). The following goods are subject to labelling requirements:

  • meat produced using certain hormonal or non-hormonal performance-enhancing substances,
  • meat from rabbits kept under conditions prohibited in Switzerland, and
  • eggs and egg-based products originating from hens kept in cage systems prohibited in Switzerland.

Last modification 29.06.2020

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