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In domestic and international movements of plant material, phytosanitary regulations must be complied with in order to prevent the introduction and spread of plant diseases and pests. Different trade-related regulations apply for different products and countries.


Why are regulations needed for trade in plant material?

Plant health is important for food security, quality of life (oxygen production, human welfare), tourism, protection against natural hazards and biodiversity. Plant diseases and pests can be introduced and spread via fresh plant material, causing serious damage to agriculture, horticulture and forests. To improve the safety of trade in plant material, plant goods must meet certain requirements and be accompanied by a plant passport (for Switzerland and the EU) or phytosanitary certificate (for non-EU countries). Imports of certain goods from non-EU countries to Switzerland (or the EU) are prohibited in view of the high phytosanitary risks.

Last modification 19.09.2023

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