Swiss Plant Health Network

Netzwerk Pflanzengesundheit Schweiz

The aim of the Swiss Plant Health Network is to better protect the health of cultivated and forest plants in Switzerland against the introduction and spread of new pests by coordinating communication activities. The network was officially founded on 18 February 2021. It arose from the cooperation in the "International Year of Plant Health 2020" of a wide range of organisations and institutions which are interested in better protecting plant health in order to avoid economic, social and ecological damage caused by new harmful organisms.

What is the network doing?

The members of the network are committed to reduce the risk in the area of plant health through communication measures and knowledge transfer. To this end, they organise activities on current topics in the field of plant health - such as excursions to outbreak sites or campaigns to raise awareness among professionals in the green sector, hobby gardeners and international travellers. The Swiss Federal Plant Protection Service (SPPS) is responsible for coordinating the network.

Wo can become a member of the network?

Membership of the network is open to all Swiss organisations and institutions with an interest in the protection of cultivated and forest plants. If you are interested in becoming a member of the network, please contact the SPPS (see box "Contact").

Last modification 08.03.2021

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