Organisation and structure

Swiss Federal Plant Protection Service (SPPS)

The Swiss Federal Plant Protection Service (SPPS) is responsible at the national level for preventing plant diseases and pests from entering and spreading within Switzerland. The SPPS is operated jointly by the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

Further information on the mission and activities of the SPPS, and its collaboration with other national and international plant health bodies, will follow (scheduled for March 2020).

Contingency planning

Outbreaks of quarantine organisms can usually be effectively controlled, provided that the responsible authorities are optimally prepared and that management measures are well coordinated in advance. Under the new plant health legislation, new instruments for contingency planning are to be introduced from 2020. Contingency plans, action plans and simulation exercises will make it possible to improve preparation, training and coordination for the management of such events. This will help to prevent the establishment and spread of quarantine organisms – and thus serious damage to agriculture, horticulture and forests.

Last modification 18.02.2020

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