Regulated non-quarantine pests

Regulated non-quarantine pests (RNQPs) are certain particularly dangerous plant pathogens and pests which are already widely distributed. Owing to their distribution, they are not subject to notification or control obligations (exception: fireblight). However, to avoid unacceptable economic impacts, certain plant and seed products may only be placed on the market for commercial purposes if they are free from RNQPs (or the level of infestation/infection is below a defined threshold).

In Switzerland, RNQPs are regulated by Annex 3 to the EAER and DETEC Ordinance on the Plant Health Ordinance (PGesV-WBF-UVEK, SR 916.201). Listed in Annex 4 to this Ordinance are risk management measures which must be taken vis-à-vis these harmful organisms in plant and seed production.

RNQPs cause diseases such as fireblight in pomaceous fruit, plum pox (Sharka) in stone fruit, red band needle blight in pine, or apple proliferation.

Last modification 18.02.2020

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