Switzerland and the EU

Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the EU form a common phytosanitary area, within which plant material can, in principle, be freely transported (no systematic border controls). However, in certain cases, legal restrictions apply; these are summarised on this page.

Note: The United Kingdom (with the exception of Northern Ireland) is considered as a non-EU country for trade in plant material since 1 January 2021 (for more information, see below).

Movements between Switzerland and the EU

In principle, goods for which a plant passport is required (e.g. plants, see below) may only be imported to Switzerland or exported to the EU with a plant passport. Exception: if the goods are imported in your personal baggage, then a plant passport is not required.


Quarantine zones

From areas in Switzerland and the EU where a quarantine pest is present, certain goods may only be transported with a plant passport.

Last modification 14.04.2022

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