Plant Protection

Brennesseln befallen mit Popillia japonica (Japankäfer)

Plant protection measures aim to hinder the introduction and spreading of diseases and pests in plants.

The Swiss plant protection regulations adhere to the principles and standards of the International Plant Protection Convention.

It is important to keep the risk of introducing specially harmful organisms ( quarantine organisms) as low as possible when importing plants or plant products. The FOAG controls whether the corresponding swiss regulations are respected. In cooperation with the agricultural research stations it supervises the export of swiss plant material and makes sure that the material is in conformity with the regulations of the countries of destination.

The plant passport, for material to be brought into circulation in Switzerland, was introduced in 2001. This according to the bilateral agricultural agreement with the EC of 1999. Plant material which is classified as potential host of specially dangerous organisms has to be issued a plant passport. FOAG is in charge of this control system.

The FOAG also coordinates the different monitoring measures of the plant protection services in the cantons and combat measures against possible disease foci (e.g. fire blight).

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