Legal bases

National plant health legislation

The fundamental provisions in the area of plant health are contained in the Ordinance on the Protection of Plants against Particularly Dangerous Harmful Organisms (Plant Health Ordinance, PGesV, SR 916.20). Based on the Agriculture Act and the Forest Act, it was adopted by the Federal Council on 31 October 2018 and came into force on 1 January 2020. It superseded the Plant Protection Ordinance of 27 October 2010.

Technical provisions and lists of regulated harmful organisms and goods are included in the interdepartmental (EAER and DETEC) Ordinance on the Plant Health Ordinance (PGesV-WBF-UVEK, SR 916.201), which came into force on 1 January 2020.

Emergency phytosanitary measures and temporary provisions are contained in the two Official Ordinances issued by the FOAG (VpM-BLW, SR 916.202.1) and the FOEN (VpM-BAFU, SR 916.202.2).

The Ordinances are supplemented by FOAG and FOEN Guidelines, which explain and elaborate on the legal provisions, thus serving as enforcement aids. 

International plant health legislation

Information on international plant health legislation will follow (scheduled for March 2020).

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